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Resume 4 Success highly recommends Social Media as a necessary job search tool. Social media is vital to the growth of your personal brand. There are right ways and wrong ways of using social media. If you are using social media as a job seeker with a goal of it helping you to get a job that's a good fit, doesn't it make sense to do it the right? Social media does not have to be overcomplicated, concentrate on the interacting. Whether on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, let your friends and followers know that you’re looking for a job as long as your job search is not confidential. And be specific, tell them what type of job you’re pursuing. Social media will place you on the inside track. You may learn of a new job opening before the company posts to online job boards. You might learn a little bit more about the hiring company or the specific position available: all helpful in your job search success. Knowing more about the hiring company/person can help you target your cover letter to their needs.

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Now is the right time to be "LinkedIn"

Without ability to predict the future, it is now the time for social media, and now is the time for employers, professionals, employees, and job seekers to build relationships by connecting on LinkedIn.

With 88% of job seekers using social networking sites to help with their job search, it is highly recommended that job seekers use LinkedIn as a part of their networking strategies. LinkedIn offers opportunities to connect with past employers, coworkers, college alumni, and old friends.

Career Coaches have been talking about social media for a number of years. Facebook is often recognized as the name attached to the cyberspace way people stay in touch with others. People of all ages know they can see photos of their families and find out what is going on with out of town friends by using Facebook. While Facebook is also used for professional purposes, LinkedIn stays mainly professional and has attributes that are more likely to help with careers instead of just having fun socially.

Facts 4 Success:

  1. 1. Headlines should be a branding statement and not just a job title.
  2. 2. Profiles should include an appropriate personal photo.
  3. 3. Your summary should be in first person and include accomplishments.
  4. 4. Key words should match target positions and reflect accurate skill sets.

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Resume 4 Success attracts clients nationally with exceptional resume writing and the latest job search services, while earning a reputation of staying on the cutting edge of job acquisition strategies and career advancement methods. We gain expertise in the ever evolving networking process by participating in Social Media Networking webinars, discussions, and testing as a part of our continuing education; ensuring our clients are well-informed about including those tools as a part of their career management.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Don't risk experimenting with your professional presence online; LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Face Book. Resume 4 Success develops social media networking profiles that will enhance a job seeker's marketability.

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