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Our ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between success and failure in our work and personal lives. A Style Analysis is a fascinating way to identify your dominant character strengths. You'll understand if you are "people" or "task"-oriented. You will learn about your communication style and determine your inherent behavioral patterns. The concepts used for this process are used by most behavioral experts for helping people to develop relational strategies, partnering, team building and by anyone who needs help in getting along with others.

The Style Analysis is based on results from the DISC concept, a proven professional Communication Style Analysis tool. It is based on a simple ten minute evaluation you complete for us to process. The system classifies people by their relative strengths in four classical styles, and individual results vary widely from one person to another. Results are given in a computerized report between 9 and 26 pages long. The report is a detailed commentary including:

    * General Statements and Characteristics--Recognize your natural blend of behaviors

    * Understand how to be an integral part of a team by using your personal strengths

    * Communication "red flags"

    * Self-perceptions--how they differ or agree with what others observe about your behavior


     Strengthen Communication Skills in the Workplace or at Home

     Intensify your "People Sensitivity" and Appreciation of Others

     Enhance and Understand the Dynamics of Relationships

     Improve your Decision-Making Abilities

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Self-Awareness DISCovery Guide

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Your Self-Awareness DISCovery Guide will take you through your Communication and Behavioral Report, page by page and explain how to understand and use your report to enhance relationships:
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Professionals specializing in Applied Behavior Science & Analysis focus on understanding behaviors & their relationship with one's environment. The concept of identifying individual styles is widely used for success in any situation where people interact with people

  •         * Interpersonal Communications & Relationship Building
  •         * Interview Preparation & Portfolio Material
  •         * Written, Verbal, Non-Verbal Communication
  •         * Personal, Professional & Social Development
  •         * Team Building, Customer Service, Sales Training
  •         * Hiring, Positioning, Promotion Selection & Management

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