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A targeted cover letter is developed to appeal to the specific organization to which you are applying and states what position you are specifically seeking, why you are the candidate for that position and how your resume supports that information. Customize each cover letter with an inside address (do not use "to whom it may concern").

Your cover letter should be recipient accurate. Personalize the greeting (Dear Ms. Smith). Try to get the name of a person whenever possible. A quick telephone call can often result in a name and sometimes a valuable telephone conversation. When you can't get a name, use Dear Recruiter, Dear Hiring Manager, Dear Search Committee, or Dear Sir/Madam.

With competition for good jobs at an all-time high, job seekers can't afford to cut corners in their written communication. The extra time and effort taken to customize your cover letters goes a long way toward placing you at the top of the candidate pile.

Did you know that Resume 4 Success provides ongoing clerical support to our clients to ensure your cover letters are targeted properly?

You provide us with your target job information, and we will either enhance your original cover letter or develop a new cover letter to be as specific as possible. We match the cover letter content to the job description and explain that you are the best person to be considered for the position. We can even use a signature font on your cover letter and include your resume in an attractive presentation folder. We will mail, email or fax according to the employer's instructions with the appearance that it is coming directly from you.

Remember, we have your communication style report on file, so even a newly developed cover letter will be written in your voice. Of course, if your resume needs to be updated, we are prepared to do that for you too!

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