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Do you already know how to convert your resume into the formats necessary for filling out the online applications, and the format needed to post your resume to job boards, and the format that is best when attaching your resume to an email for a job opportunity, and the way a resume should be prepared for a personal delivery, and for networking by phone, in person, and with online social networking sites?

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Document Conversion

Email and the Internet have revolutionized business communication by enabling instantaneous transmission of documents to individuals who may be in the next cubicle or continents away. Snail Mail and fax have taken a back seat to the ease of sending documents with the click of a mouse; however, there are inherent problems when the sender computer and receiver computer are not using the same form of communication. No one knows this more than a person looking for employment and the employers, recruiters, networking contacts, and career transition professionals with whom they communicate.

An active job search candidate may send resumes to ten or more contacts each week. Unfortunately, in many instances what you see is NOT what you get. Jane Roqueplot, Certified Professional Career Coach and president of JaneCo's Sensible Solutions, professional resume writing and job search-assistance firm, and other professional resume writers around the country have found a solution to this problem. By using The ResumeSpotlight, an innovative web-based resume tool created by JaneCo's Sensible Solutions, a job seeker can be confident their resume gets the visibility it deserves.

”When transmitting one's resume over the Internet, any number of things can go wrong,” states Roqueplot. “If the receiver does not have the same word processing program, fonts, and printer configurations as the sender, the document might arrive with unusual page breaks, misplaced text, and dollar signs, question marks or other characters replacing bullets, hyphens, and similar punctuation marks. In the worst case scenario, the employer cannot or will not open the document at all.”

These common problems occur when one sends a resume via email. The difficulties are further compounded when the job seeker is instructed to copy and paste their ASCII or Plain Text resume into a job-board text box. With The ResumeSpotlight, a job seeker's resume is saved in four formats; MS Word (DOC DOCX), PDF, ASCII with line breaks and ASCII without line breaks and hosted on a unique website with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.

According to Roqueplot, job seekers love the easy access to their documents through their own personal website and appreciate the professional look. They can include their ResumeSpotlight URL in all their email communication instructing the reader to click on the link below to review my resume and can print it on networking cards, cover letters and fax transmissions. When an ASCII resume is requested, “one simply logs on to their website, pulls-up the proper format, and copies and pastes it on the job board or in the body of the email,” Roqueplot explains.

Besides providing an attractive resume layout, necessary ASCII formatting, immediate access, and a dependable document storage system, a web-based resume tells the prospective employer that you are technologically-savvy and better prepared to tackle today's work place challenges. “With more than 9 million resumes floating around in cyber-space on any given day, anything a job seeker can do to outshine the competition is well worth the investment,” Roqueplot surmises. Our document conversion process has a quick turn around, contact us below for your document conversions.

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